Maranep is a company that was born from a family of parents from the town of Marán, an annex of the district of Pausa, province of Paucar del Sarasara, Ayacucho region. Marán is a landscape valley located at 1800 meters above sea level of warm climate, where varieties of organic fruits are produced such as: mango, orange, aguaymanto, banana, papaya, pacae, lucuma, custard apple, lime and other fruits. It also has a river where trout and shrimp are caught. Marán is Maranep's inspiration because it offers us organic products for the benefit of our health.


Our fruits

Maranep is an export company of organic dehydrated fruits that conserve their vitamins and minerals for the benefit of health, because nowadays man has been in need of consuming quality natural products.

In Maranep we practice values ​​such as responsibility, punctuality, honesty and respect for the conservation of the environment.

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